Follow the links below to find your home. Find the size of home you are interested in and click on the link to view the floor plan or elevation. The link you click on will open in a new window. Room sizes and dimensions shown are approximate. Modular Floor Plans Mansion Elite Modular Series MHE Inc. reserves the right to modify floor plans without notice. Mansion Elite Modular Series Model                                      Click to Download M44B05 The Pine Forest 1,173 Sq. Ft. M48B08 The Barton Forest 1,280 Sq. Ft. M52B09 The Oak Forest 1,387 Sq. Ft. M52B15 The Dakota Forest 1,387 Sq. Ft. M56B14 The Cedar Forest 1,493 Sq. Ft. M56B18 The Locust Forest 1,493 Sq. Ft. M56B20 The Ironwood Forest 1,493 Sq. Ft. M60B14 The Walnut Forest 1,600 Sq. Ft. M64B06 The Cottonwood Forest  1,707 Sq. Ft. M66B03 The Maple Forest 1,760 Sq. Ft. M68B05 The Hocking Forest 1,813 Sq. Ft. M3252B06 The Birch Forest 1,595 Sq. Ft. M3260B07 The Willow Forest 1,840 Sq. Ft. M3266B10 The Fleming Forest 2,024 Sq. Ft. M3270B03 The Hickory Forest 2,145 Sq. Ft. M3276B09 The Huron Forest 2,330 Sq. Ft.